the frank and fritzy show

Frank is not impressed with Fritzy's nature boy act. After a comparison of their daily dietary and exercise routines, Frank gives a thumbs down to Fritzy's taste for cabbage soup. But does Mr. Condo have a restaurant for you -- and, yes, the joint serves "piggies in the blanket." (3:29)

Listen here:

FRITZY: Federico "Fritzy" Giovanelli
FRANK: Frank "Frankie California" Condo
UI: Unintelligible

FRITZY: Hello?

FRANK: Freddie, how are you?

FRITZY: Hey, my pal.

FRANK: What are you doing?

FRITZY: I just got in from a long walk.

FRANK: Yeah?


FRANK: No kidding. Where'd ya go?

FRITZY: Three-mile walk, four-mile walk. Down by the water, all the way down by Riis Park I went.

FRANK: Yeah?

FRITZY: Yeah, took a drive, picked up my, you know, my friend.

FRANK: You took a drive? You drove.

FRITZY: Yeah, I been driving.

FRANK: He took a long walk. He drove there.

FRITZY: Well, I had to drive there, then get to the beach, and then walk.

FRANK: Oh, you drove to the beach.

FRITZY: Yeah, how'm I going to get there? What, do I live on the beach?

FRANK: I thought you walked there.

FRITZY: I walked there, yeah, 11 miles to get there.

FRANK: So, what the hell is 11 miles?

FRITZY: What, to walk 11 miles?

FRANK: I used to walk 30 miles one way, 30 miles the other way.

FRITZY: You know something, I want to tell you something...

FRANK: With a pack on my back, canteens of water and a rifle.

FRITZY: I was telling my friend, I says 'We gotta buy a pack, put it on our back and go for long, long hikes. Get the water canteen, the whole thing,' I told her.

FRANK: Nah, you buy the high shoes.

FRITZY: I got the shoes. I was there Saturday with the shoes on, you didn't see me with the shoes.

FRANK: You put the high shoes on.

FRITZY: You know, what are you doing?

FRANK: Put the work shoes on. I just had, I worked out for one hour.

FRITZY: You did?

FRANK: With my weights and everything and then my leg weights, I got leg weights too, you know.


FRANK: I worked out, I worked up a good sweat for one hour...

FRITZY: Uh-huh.

FRANK: I sat down, I had a nice glass of orange juice.

FRITZY: Uh-huh.

FRANK: Then I had a glass of water and I took my, all my vitamins.

FRITZY: No breakfast.

FRANK: No, I had, oh, breakfast, forget about it. I just had that cereal, you know, we bought in the Italian place. You put them together with the milk.

FRITZY: Yeah, no banana?

FRANK: Two soft-boiled eggs. And two slices of health bread.

FRITZY: Whaddya think I'm having now?

FRANK: And two glasses of milk.

FRITZY: Yeah, but I got up 6 o'clock this morning.


FRITZY: I got up 6 o'clock this morning. You just got up now.

FRANK: Got up? I got up at 10 o'clock.

FRITZY: Oh, you did?

FRANK: Yeah, I got up at 10. I went to bed about three.

FRITZY: Whaddya think I'm eating?


FRITZY: I made cabbage soup.

FRANK: Oh, that's gassy as a...

FRITZY: Yeah, but at least...I had that...

FRANK: You know, there's a place on the, Danny went there, you know, Joe, from the East Side, Joe. You know, the fat guy Joe.

FRITZY: Yeah, yeah.

FRANK: Comes there with Paulie. He gave me a place, the name is Teresa's. It's on First Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh. He must of told you about it, too, huh?

FRITZY: Ah, a little something about...

FRANK: So I, I made Danny and his wife go there. We passed there yesterday, I went to see my mother, so I says let's pass this place. Minga, it's got a big canopy and it's in that run down neighborhood, you know.

FRITZY: Yeah, right, they're starting to build up there.

FRANK: Listen to this joint. It musta been 5 o'clock at night. Jammed. And the kitchen. I says, 'Danny, go there someday.' So what he did, he went there yesterday without tellin' me. He brought me back those, the chopped meat and the piggies in the blanket. He brought two of them back, with mashed potatoes. They were delicious.

FRITZY: They were, huh?

FRANK: I'm tellin' you. Joe Yac says you eat over there, veal cutlets, you eat this here, and the price, he says, even then I can't believe it, he says. They got pancakes with a, with bananas, with this here, with that. All the....pierogies and a...

FRITZY: Wha, the old Jewish...

FRANK: It's a Jewish place.

FRITZY: Polish place.

FRANK: All homemade food.

FRITZY: Yeah, but see I'm eating, I made...

FRANK: Goulashes. They got this here, they got that...

FRITZY: [UI] without salt, pal.

FRANK: Oh, you gotta go.

FRITZY: I gotta eat and make my own. I can't trust them.

FRANK: Oh, you can't eat in a restaurant.

FRITZY: I can't trust them now.


FRITZY: I'm on my way back pal, you know.

FRANK: Yeah.

FRITZY: I coming back good and strong.